Company Culture

Dazhen Vehicle Material (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established in February 2001. It is a bicycle spare parts-based company. The company's main products are: bicycle standpipe, front fork tube, medical equipment, sports equipment, LED art lights A wholly-owned Taiwanese enterprise in tube development, parts processing and manufacturing, and tube processing. Long-term customers include: Ronglun, Dawei, Meritor, Longying, Shangpeng, Baishi, Yebao, etc.

1. Since the reform and opening up, I have been looking forward to the opportunity to develop in the mainland. After team evaluation and hard-working preparations, I took advantage of the industry-wide product localization, embarked on planning, manpower recruitment and government discounts, etc. Was able to be established with a license.
2. Since moving from Taiwan to the mainland for more than 20 years, Dazhen Vehicle Materials (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has adopted government laws and regulations to standardize its objectives, and conducts inspection and control from environmental protection, industrial safety, feeding, manufacturing, and shipping. Based on quality First, service-oriented, people-oriented, take good care of employees, perfect organizational system, employee welfare policy, continuous innovation, expansion, update equipment, system transformation, tend to be professional, localized.
3. Start when everything is in place, set goals and directions, and make sure. Employee welfare policies, formulate humanized management rules and a high-quality working environment create a cultural style, coordinate interaction, and excellent tacit understanding. Different ages, communication problems.
4. The seniority, depth, subsidies, rewards, and excellent employees with high efficiency guarantee the basic salary of the employees, let the employees go all out, without worries, and solve the problem of employee turnover, and the quality stability is also greatly improved.
5.the company has trained excellent employees and cadres for many years: training and further training will be conducted for personnel with excellent performance and ability. At present, some personnel already hold various certificates, such as boiler certificates, forklift certificates, electrician technology certificates, CNC computer programming technology Certificate, and various qualification certificates, during the training or training course, full subsidies, and give public leave and vehicle transfer, after the license is obtained, and immediately pay adjustment rewards, etc.
6. the company's monthly production value meets the standard, will be a bonus system for employees, hold dinners, entertainment activities, etc., every time the employees get married, have children, new houses are completed, etc. In addition to the company's rewards in accordance with the national labor law mechanism, the chairman will also give certain cash gifts.
7. Encourage education subsidies for employees' children. Any employee whose children have excellent test scores or enroll in key schools will be given additional subsidies in accordance with the terms of the union award.