Company Overview

It is a company mainly focusing on bicycle spare parts. The company's main products include: bicycle riser, fork tube, medical equipment, sports equipment, LED art lamp development, parts processing and manufacturing. And Taiwan-owned wholly-owned enterprises in tube processing.

Dazhen Group established a factory in Kunshan in 2000. It has been producing wall shock standpipes and fork pipes for 20 years, with a total investment of 12 million US dollars. We have rich experience and superb technology in tube processing. Quality and delivery have always been our focus.
What makes all our colleagues most proud of is: "Customer delivery", Kunshan factory has four production lines in the vertical tube and inner tube, and there are more than 50 centerless grinding machines, 6 pipe drawing machines, saponification tanks, honing machines, There are more than 50 broaching machines and CNC machines, etc. The Vietnam factory also has enough output value to meet the needs of customers. The Taiwan office (Yuan Dahe Co., Ltd.) meets the needs of local customers and has considerable inventory supplies.

The daily production capacity is 60,000 standpipes, 100,000 front fork pipes, iron pipes to CR-MO pipes, titanium alloy pipes and aluminum alloy pipes. Over the past 20 years, continuous innovation and development is able to meet the needs of each customer. Welcome Customer consultation and cooperation. Our company strictly controls the importance of the safety of front fork tubes and standpipes for wall shocks. In the selection of materials, we all import from Taiwan. In terms of quality and safety component control, customer testing is the primary focus. Products are insured with "Product Liability Insurance" so that our customers can get adequate protection. High value-added products are customized to the special requirements of customers, professional attitude and high-end testing equipment, so that the products are diversified and original, to meet the standards required by customers.

Inspection equipment included:
(1)Material testing: Rockwell hardness machine, tensile testing machine.
(2)Intermediate manufacturing process: inner and outer diameter minute calipers, calipers, pass and stop gauges.
(3)Finished product inspection: salt spray tester, surface roughness tester, fatigue tester, electroplating film thickness tester, two-dimensional projector, aging tester, micro-hardness tester, three-dimensional tester.

The company has spacious workshops, first-class technical developers, high-quality management personnel, and advanced production equipment. Currently the group has more than 200 employees. Dozens of CNC computer numerical control lathes and professional vertical tube processing equipment and various drilling machines, punching machines, rolling machines, pipe drawing machines, centerless grinding and other complete sets of equipment, complete the production requirements with high quality.

In the past 20 years, it has moved from Taiwan to the mainland and then developed to Vietnam. Da Zhen strictly controls the inspection and control of materials, processes, and shipments. Related products have been covered by product liability insurance. In line with the business philosophy of "quality first, service first, people-oriented, continuous innovation", relying on talent technology and human management, Dazhen provides customers with products with advantages in quality, delivery and cost, and excellent services. Advantages, is willing to work together with you.

Address: No. 560 Guoze Road, Penglang Town, Kunshan Development Zone, Jiangsu Province