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Dazhen Group established a factory in Kunshan in 2000. It has been producing wall shock standpipes and fork pipes for 20 years, with a total investment of 12 million US dollars. We have rich experience and superb technology in tube processing. Quality and delivery have always been our focus.What makes all our colleagues most proud of is: "Customer delivery", Kunshan factory has four production lines in the vertical tube and inner tube, and there are more than 30 centerless grinding machines...


Dazhen Metal (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Yuandahe (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Dazhen Metal (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

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To provide customers with products with quality, delivery time, cost advantages, and excellent service, research and development advantages, is willing to work together with you.


Production equipment

20 sets of CNC computer numerical control lathes, complete set of vertical pipe processing equipment and various sets of drilling machines, punching machines, thread rolling machines, pipe drawing machines...